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It’s time to be unapologetic about re-awakening your inherent gift of creativity.

You could see a thousand problems, or you could see a million inventions and solutions that are calling your name. This is the miracle of the creative mindset. I cherish the creative process and am honored to share it with you.

This is truly holy ground where we step into the great mystery where we manifest our most unapologetic life. As an actress, author, filmmaker and founder of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community, Voice Box Stories, Miracles LIVE 365 and Spiritual Vixens I have used these tools with great success and I am not special. These tools will work for you as well. Together with a powerhouse group of ladies, we will walk you through A Course in Creating to bring even your boldest dreams into form.

What to expect:

Live and in person Course: These course progresses over six weeks of in meetings lead by Maureen in the Chicago, IL area and combines access to the Spiritual Vixens membership site to guide you step-by-step through the curriculum at your convenience.

Virtual Course: This course meets for coaching calls via Zoom every Thursday night for six weeks. These fun and interactive calls are a valuable component to creating your experience with the online virtual course.

This step-by-step curriculum will clear the blocks to creativity and give you tools and tasks that will have you reaching for and accepting your full potential.

You will immediately receive your spiritual springboard when you sign up. A list of foundational questions that will till the soil for your desires and intentions.

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What A Course in Creating alumni say…

“Course in Creating was both a springboard for getting past blocks and a platform for supporting and being supported by a “tribe” that I might never connect with otherwise. Maureen has pulled together a collection of activities that pushed my comfort zone and shifted my paradigms. Unique and effective for anyone needing a catalyst for creative expression.”

Sallie Ann Westbrook

I was the poster child for creative stagnation, resistance and stillbirths! My creative energy was buried deep under my insecurities and self-doubt. I had no meaning in my days and no hope for my future. You can’t dream if you have no purpose. Through this Course in Creating, Maureen helped me to confront me demons, clear my pipes and get my creative flow going again. I was able to find my loving, creative tribe and I’ve found purpose and direction. Most importantly, I feel a creative, loving energy flowing through me and now I live my days joyfully, and I can dream!

Terri B.

As I’ve entered the next phase of my life, I decided to live it fully awake. Even the boring parts! Being a student of a Course in Creating allowed me to realize that my quest to be “Open to Love, just as I Am” was a brave statement – and a belief in the Divine allowed me to surround myself with beautiful talented women! In the process I discovered that it is just as powerful to be a conduit for others’ magic to be released into the world with grace.


Maureen has an inspiring way of identifying what is already within us while launching us into action. Maureen taught me a valuable lesson on when to say YES. She guided me through a process that helped me evaluate when the answer should be NO, thus allowing time and space for what I really want to be doing. God gave me the gift of creativity. My gift back is to use it. A course in Creating is uplifting and made a positive change in my life.

Pamela While Bosse