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This is an Invitation to


It's Time to

Melt like a sugar cube in the hot tea of God;

and let the ego dissolve. – MM

On Miracles Live 365

We attempt to live the Miracle Worker Prayer. Each and every day we gather on the calls to tuck our chins and bow our heads and know that God is all there is. We surrender all that we are to all the God would have us be. We bow our heads, hearts, desires and agendas to God’s will. We trust that  God has us and holds us as we make our way home to peace. We trust that we will see miracles where we once saw lack and limitation, and that we will be assisted in solutions where we once saw dead end.

We commit to remembering that we are each immersed in God’s holy ecstasy and audaciousness where all things are possible, and perfect. We give thanks for each day of miraculous encounters, so that we may always remembering that this GRACE is offered to us not just for our own good, but so that we will each be fearless extensions of God’s love.  These are the promises of A Course in Miracles. 

If you are here, I’m guessing you’re someone who is

ready to scratch beneath the surface

when it comes to

because you’ve got a funny feeling that

it might just be the key to

Shifting your life …


Experiencing the freedom  that comes from the course won’t happen from simply
reading the book.


and peace comes from applying the lessons to your everyday life. 

Application, consistency and a compassionate community is what helps us shift to
loving more and fear less.  


Miracles Live 365 has been life changing…

“Studying A Course in Miracles with MiraclesLive 365 has changed my life in so many positive ways. Most notably in my relationship with my husband of twenty+ years. After years of misunderstandings and miscommunications, we’re finally starting to trust, listen … and love each other again. The very best kind of miracle.”

~Debbie S.


a Spiritual Pied Piper who is ready to lead you back to love. As a passionate community builder Miracles LIVE 365 has a special place in my heart. Course in Miracles has been my spiritual backbone and my breath for the past several decades. It has relieved me of my fears and returned me to my purpose. Where once I was a woman running down the block with my hair on fire, I now have peace. That my friend is a freakin’ miracle and that miracle is available to you. I’ve had the privilege of teach this book for the past 20 years  –  and I have seen miracles.

Miracles LIVE 365 was created in 2013. Originally, I offered an ACIM sampler (21 days for $21) at the request of a local church. When it the 21 days were up, Bonnie Schultz asked if I’d consider doing it for whole year.

365 days? Every single day? No way was my answer. But by this time I had learned that I did not know my own best interest. So I checked in with my Internal Teacher who asked me one question: Do you have better plans? I did not. 

Eight years, seventeen rounds, and hundreds of members later – Miracles Live 365 continues to  grow and thrive and has been my happiest of happy hours and I don’t miss a call. 

It turns out there are
quite a few of us


who love the idea of doing spirituality differently.

What a difference a year makes …

“Maureen, I told you that I’ve stopped and started several times… and I have also paid for many other programs… but I never got anything that I could actually apply to my life – the way you are showing me. So, I am kind of in awe right now… and can’t get enough.”

~Pam N.


“We Wake People Up to Miracles”

Miracles LIVE 365 is a year-long deep dive into A Course in Miracles. We work through each of the lessons (1 a day) on a LIVE call each and every morning.

The calls are packed with wisdom, laughter, and stories that come from real-life examples from people on the call.

You have 2 calls to choose from!

(commit to one or listen to both – they each tend to take on unique personalities)

Commuter Call (6:45 am CT)

This is a lively 30-minute call that you can listen to on your way to work. It’s like an espresso shot of spirituality to jump-start your day. The call begins promptly at 6:45 am CT every single morning and 30 minutes later you’re done. For the Commuter Call Lesson 1 starts on July 1 each year.

Work-out & Coffee Call (8:20 am CT)

Throw on your lycra and grab your earbuds (or sit down with a cup of coffee) and join us for a morning leisurely stroll with spirituality. It’s like starting your day in deep conversation with your favorite friends. The call begins at 8:20 am CT every morning and lasts from 40 minutes to an hour. For the Workout & Coffee Call, Lesson 1 starts on January 1 each year.

All calls are recorded – so whether you have to leave early, hop on late – or listen at another time, you’ll never miss a call.


Rev. Celeste  is a guest speaker and facilitator across the country at New Thought centers and regional and international conferences. She has taught the Course for 12 years both in-person and online. Her books are available on Amazon and Kindle. She is a contributing author to several anthologies and spiritual publications. 

Dov Fishman has been a student of the Course for over 30 years. He is a beloved teacher and mentor and his knowledge and understanding of the principles of A Course in Miracles is legendary. Dov is the founder of the One Mind Foundation and has operated ACIM Gather for over 10 years. Dov is indeed a true Teacher of Teachers.

Bonnie Shultz

Bonnie is the OG. She was introduced to the Course by her beloved brother Howard Schultz and has become a lifelong student and a master teacher of “The Four Agreements”. She has been with Miracles LIVE 365 since its inception and in fact is the reason that it is still going after seven years, but she will never admit to it. She brings a wealth of wisdom and wit to every call and we are so grateful for her honest and engaging contribution.

Merry Kaczmarek has been a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles for the past five years via Miracles Live 365. She is currently happy, healthy and loving leaning into her dream of living in Northern California while sharing the Course with others. Merry credits A Course in Miracles for her own radical transformation from secret rage, judgment and pain to the loving Grace she lives in today. She has a strong background in 12-step, and Codependents Anonymous and holds a wide loving space to bring any thoughts or questions.

Merry Kaczmerek
Michele Philip

Michele brings a diverse and eclectic background to the Course. She’s been teaching A Course in Miracles for two years. She specializes in communication, is a spiritual coach, a multidisciplinary artist and writer whose training in other personal development and healing modalities fits beautifully with the Course. We love her clear and gentle delivery and we are sure you will too.

Beth Gordon began her professional life as a physical therapist 35 years ago. She has since become a yoga teacher, coach, personal fitness trainer and spiritual practitioner. She has been a part of Miracles LIVE 365 as a student and teacher since its inception and had been teaching for the program for the past three years. She brings her own unique style of story and prayer to the calls and is grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

Beth Gordon
Libby Keats

As a teacher, Elizabeth combines humor, practical experience and the inner knowing that comes with decades of daily meditation practice. She is a retired English professor whose experience analyzing text is an asset in understanding some of the Course’s difficult language and syntax. She is an ordained minister through PathWays of Light and facilitates many of its courses. Miracles LIVE 365 is where she hopes you’ll share your own hiccups, hurdles, and ahas; it’s our delicious, daily spiritual feast.

Lyn Johnson is a master teacher of love. She brings passion and laughter to every call. She loves to “unpack” the Lessons; to reach for and share the deeper experience and vision we are being offered in these daily exercises. She shares real life example of her journey, making the lessons applicable and fun. Lyn runs “ACIM Gather”, and online chat room and radio station WWW.ACIMGather.us Our community is bless by her contribution. You can find out more about Lyn and check out her blog at MlynJohnson.com

Lyn Johnson

Maritere Rodriguez D'Alessio

Every Wednesday night at 8 pm Mari and Maureen host a bevy of students and various teachers as we take a deep dive into the TEXT of ACIM. We cover a chapter a week and support you in moving through with greater ease and joy!


Daily LIVE Morning call with exceptional teachers. Every single day for 365 days we’ll be on the morning call live and in person. One of our teachers will read the lesson, offer insights, and lead a short conversation on how we each are applying the concept.

A place to actively look at the blocks to love and receive coaching to awaken a higher perspective.

Private Online Facebook group where the pre/post call discussion happens and where the recordings are posted. Plus a whole bunch of bonus meetings like our weekly 12-steps to miracles meeting. Once you are in the program, you will be in awe of the community support. 

24-hour replay of the daily recording. Not on Facebook? No worries. You can listen to the audio version from your phone for 24 hours.

Daily Email Reminders with the daily lesson written out for you each morning.
A beautiful, caring, conscious and curious community of like-minded people from across the globe, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success. We’ve been known to foster lifelong friendships in MiraclesLive 365.

What a difference a year makes …

“MiraclesLive 365 is feeding my mind, body and heart! I am in infinite gratitude and love. The teachers, practitioners, community and tribe are supportive in the gentlest ways.”

~Deb L.


Yep – that’s just one dollar a day for the
the opportunity to SHIFT YOUR LIFE … for good
the ENTIRE YEAR of daily LIVE calls
discussing each lesson in real-time with interpretation and group discussion.

+ plus

Daily email reminders with the ACIM lesson – direct to your email box 365 days a year.

+ plus

Private Facebook group for current members to connect with students and teachers of Miracles LIVE 365 – Discuss the teachings, ask your questions, give Inspiration, and learn from each other.

Will this be the year you shift your life … FOR GOOD?

I didn’t think I could do it …

“‘365 days,’ I thought? How am I ever going to do this? It turns out it is the smallest commitment for the maximum amount of amazingness I could ever imagine.”

~Katie K.

Katie K.
Maureen C.

Miracles LIVE 365 feels like family …

“Miracles LIVE365 has become a part of the fabric of my life. It sets my mind to the correct thinking for the day and infuses me with goodness and light and a beautiful message of hope! Changing my belief around what I can accomplish.”

~Maureen C.


That’s no problem. The calls are all recorded and will be made available shortly after the call takes place. While it’s great to be able to participate live, you’ll still be able to get a lot out of the calls from listening. We have some members who have been live on the calls for years and have never participated live. And you can always post questions or comments in the Facebook group.

We have all levels of participants, from those who have never opened the ACIM book, to those who have done the program multiple years. No matter how many times you go through ACIM, there is always something new to learn. No experience necessary.

MiraclesLive 365 is a yearlong program with two annual join dates, January 1 and July 1. If it’s not one of those months, you’re welcome to add your name to our wait List and you’ll be the first to know when the doors open next time around.

The level of participation is entirely up to you. We have some people who choose to listen, others who actively ask questions, others who can’t make it live and ask questions in the FB group. Anything works.

That’s no problem. We all know life happens. We go on vacation or get otherwise distracted. Don’t let missing some days stop you from missing the year. There are lots of review lessons. And all calls are recorded so you’ll have access as soon as you’re ready. But skipping the catch-up recordings and starting when you return is perfectly ok too.

You don’t need to purchase the book to participate in the calls however you may find that you want to. Every day you will receive the daily lesson directly to your email box. So you’ll have everything you need. 

The best thing I ever did for myself …

“What a blessing MiraclesLive 365 has been in my life. This is my third time going through it and I feel a sense of aliveness and lightness. I am simply happier!”


Tina M.

I’m hooked on Miracles Live 365 …

“So grateful to wake up every day to a great conversation and deep inspirations and meditation. I have been on for four rounds and cannot imagine life without my coffee and morning crew. MiraclesLive 365 has made me a better person.”

~Rose M.


  • One year is going to happen regardless.
  • Miracles happen every day. We ALL have access (whether you join Miracles LIVE 365 – or not)
  • The spiritual community of truth seekers making the shift from fear to love is ALIVE and GROWING. I’ve witnessed whole communities of people who have never even met truly share, respect, support and love each other in bold, beautiful ways.

We’re raising the collective consciousness, together.

Come Join the party!


“A Course in Miracles (ACIM) may be the last personal transformation practice I’ll ever need. For a dollar a day, there is no better tribe than Miracles Live 365 to get the Oneness vibe.

~Chris T

Will this be the year you shift your life … FOR GOOD?


There’s no risk in enrolling! We offer a 21-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.
If you change your mind, just email us within 21 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.

Still not sure if it’s right for you? Reach out with questions.
We’re happy to help. Maureen@maureenmuldoon.com