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“This is a curriculum of JOY.

The purpose is the escape from fear.”   – ACIM

Does this sound like you?

“A Course in Miracles”

“I got the book. I didn’t read it.”

You’re not alone! You have most likely heard about A Course in Miracles, this stunning book that is quoted by every Spiritual Teacher from Eckhart Tolle to Dr. Wayne Dyer. But like most of us, we start A Course In Miracles with the best of intentions. We buy the book. We commit the time. We may even begin each day reading a new lesson…but somewhere along the way … maybe around Lesson 22 or 54 or 61…, we get confused, our interest wanes and our commitment fizzles.

We put the book on the back shelf, promising to get to it another day.

But if ever there was a time to walk the planet in a higher state of consciousness or a need for more of us to live from our hearts, it’s now.

There’s a reason you were drawn to A Course in Miracles. And now there’s a way to discover the wisdom of A Course in Miracles without the challenge of having to do it all on your own.

Why Miracles LIVE 365?

The MiraclesLIVE 365 Program


MiraclesLive365 is a LIVE virtual daily program to work through the 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles workbook with a group of fellow seekers.

There are two start dates for MiraclesLive 365, one January 1 and the other July 1. Whichever group you join, we begin with Lesson 1. That way if you want to start ACIM at Lesson 1 (a very good place to start) you don’t have to wait an entire year to begin.

MiraclesLive 365 is a daily practice. Each morning we get on a call (at 6:45 am CT or 8:20 am CT) for 40-45 minutes with the teacher-of-the-day, as he/she reads through the lesson, interprets as needed, leads a short discussion with whomever is on the call and wants to participate…and ends with a transformational prayer. There is no requirement to be on the calls (they are all recorded) because of course life ebbs and flows and try as we might – it’s not always possible. Join whenever you can.

The discussions are relevant, often lively and always thought-provoking.

The Logistics

365 Days of Miracles


January 1 (we start with Lesson 1)
July 1 (we start with lesson 1)


The call time depends on your start date. And you are always welcome to join both calls if you find you can’t get enough!
January Start-Date Call Time: 8:20am CT – 9:00am CT
July Start-Date Call Time: 6:45 am CT – 7:20am CT


The call vary in length but are generally around 35-45 minutes, depending on the length of the lesson and the amount of audience participation. The calls are all recorded so whether you have to leave early or hop on late or can stay for the entire time – it’s all good.



(that’s a buck a day)


The ENTIRE YEAR of daily LIVE ACIM (virtual)

calls with lesson interpretation and group discussion

Daily email reminders with the ACIM lesson direct to your email box.

Private Facebook group
for past and current members.

This is a private, for-this-group-only opportunity to connect with students and alumni of Miracles LIVE 365 – Discuss the teachings, ask your questions, give inspiration, and learn from each other.

Check in with Your Internal Teacher – Are You Ready for a Year of Miracles?

YES! I’m Ready for MiraclesLive 365

*You’re ready for Miracles, but really can’t afford the tuition, Contact us to learn about scholarship opportunities.

Spiritual Teachers and Experts

Check out our panel of Spiritual Teachers & Experts who lead our morning calls.

Dov Fishman
Dov Fishman
Dov Fishman is a beloved teacher and mentor. He is the founder of the One Mind Foundation and for over 10 years he operated ACIM Gather. Dov’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of A Course in Miracles is legendary. He is indeed a true Teacher of Teachers.
Maureen Muldoon
Maureen Muldoon
Maureen is an expert teacher, minister and thought-leader, but her favorite title is Spiritual Vixen. She can’t help but to keep it real, relaxed, and a bit raucous. This is why thousands of people follow her and happily find their way to true peace and personal awakening.
Bonnie Schultz
Bonnie Schultz
Bonnie is a lifelong student and a master teacher of “The Four Agreements”. She has been with Miracles LIVE 365 since it’s inception and in fact is the reason that it is still going after five years, but she will never admit to it. She brings a wealth of wisdom and wit to every call and we are so grateful for her honest and engaging contribution.
Merry Kaczmerek
Merry Kaczmerek
Merry Kaczmarek has been a student at Miracles LIVE 365 for the past three years and stepped into teaching in 2018.
Michele Philp
Michele Philp
Aside from owning and operating the world’s greatest flower shop in Vancouver, Michele brings a diverse and eclectic background to the course. She joined us as a member and this year is stepping into a facilitator. Michele started with us as a member and this year is stepping into a facilitator. We love her clear and gentle delivery and we are sure you will too.
Beth Gordon
Beth Gordon
Beth Gordon began her professional life as a physical therapist 31 years ago. She has gone on to become a yoga instructor, coach, personal trainer and most recently a licensed Spiritual Practitioner. Her skill set leaves her highly qualified to assist you on your journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Beth is available for private sessions in person, by phone, skype or FaceTime.
Rev. Libby Keats
Rev. Libby Keats
Elizabeth Keats is a passionate student/teacher of miracles and mindfulness and recently became an ordained minister through PathWays of Light.
Along with raising two amazing daughters, she has worked as an English teacher and writing coach at the College of Lake County.
Lyn Johnson
Lyn Johnson
Lyn Johnson is a master teacher of love. She brings passion and laughter to every call. Her interesting life journey helps to make the lessons applicable and fun. The community is so blessed by her contribution. You can find out more about Lyn and check out her blog at MlynJohnson.com


“Never did I think I would be continuing with ACIM the way I have been doing. Because of Maureen’s spicy, humorous, and oh-so-understanding guidance/”take”/digestible interpretations, I am able to stay connected to some of the wisdom in these teachings. That’s the Beauty of this Course in the way Maureen gives it over …it Really Does hold promise for a more peaceful way of living, day by day. Thank you for this lifesaver on this planet.” 

Linda Brown

So grateful to wake up every day to a great conversation and deep inspirations and meditation. I have been on for four rounds and cannot imagine life without my coffee and morning crew. Miracles LIVE 365 has made me a better person.

Tina Miller

What a blessing Miracles LIVE365 has been in my life. This is my third time going through it and I feel a sense of aliveness of lightness. I am just lighter and happier.

Merry Kaczmarek

If you are searching for answers, Miracles LIVE 365 and Maureen Muldoon and A Course in Miracles can provide so many answers.

Pamela Peterson

Miracles LIVE365 is phenomenal. There is a letting go off all the things that we thought were true… and then you find your real truth, what really matters.

Ray Redmond

365 day! I thought, “how am I ever going to do this?” It is the smallest commitment to the maximum amount or amazingness I could ever give.

Katie Kurisch

Miracles LIVE365 has become a part of the fabric of my life. It sets your mind to the correct thinking for the day and infuses you with goodness and light and a beautiful message of hope! Changing my belief around what I can accomplish.

Maureen Claffy

Today I will be completing the first six months of the course. Lesson 181. This spiritual practice is feeding my mind, body and heart! I am in infinite gratitude and love. The teachers, practitioners, community and tribe are supportive in the gentlest ways. I pray everyone chooses Miracles Live 365 for their spiritual practice and become awakened from the dream.

Deb Lang

Maureen, yesterday’s lesson (and today’s, too) BLEW ME AWAY. (Especially with seeing something that is not there in my Meg). And today’s lesson, too… although I wasn’t on the LIVE call this morning because I was up so late going over all the beautiful nuggets that were in yesterday’s call. But I’ve listened to today’s lesson four times already.  Maureen, I told you that I’ve stopped and started several times….  and I have also paid for Marianne Williamson’s Course workbook lessons…. but I never got ANYTHING out of the lessons that I could actually apply – to my life – the way you are showing me. So, I’m kind of in awe right now…. and can’t get enough.

Pam Nichols

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